Check These Elevation Features When You Shop For A Power Wheelchair

Posted on: 4 May 2023

A power wheelchair is equipped with a variety of features that you'll use at various times throughout the day. Some of these features are designed for your comfort, while others allow you to be more independent. A feature that belongs to the latter category is known as the elevation function. When you press a button, your seat slowly moves upward, significantly raising your body off the ground. You may find that you use this function frequently, whether you're shopping, conversing at parties, or doing your job. Here are some elevation function details to check when you shop for a power wheelchair.


When you compare the elevation function on various power wheelchair models, you can expect to see that the height you're able to achieve will vary from model to model. Think about how you plan to use the chair and how high you need to be. For example, if you live alone and want to be able to retrieve items off the higher shelves around your residence, you might wish to choose a model that raises the seat as high as possible. Conversely, if you're on the taller side, you might not need a model that elevates you quite as much.

Rotation Degrees

A power wheelchair's elevation function doesn't just move your seat up and down. When you wish, you can also rotate the chair. This can be easy for performing lots of functions. For example, if you're shopping and need to reach to retrieve an item, you can position your wheelchair parallel to the shelf, raise the seat, and turn it 90 degrees. One thing that you'll notice when you evaluate different chairs is that some chairs can rotate 360 degrees in the elevated position, while others cannot. Many people favor those that offer as much rotation as possible.


Think about whether you want to be able to drive your power wheelchair when your seat is elevated. If you envision yourself doing so, you'll want to choose a model that permits you to move while the seat is up. Not every chair offers this feature, but some people find that it's handy. At the supermarket, if you need to grab several items off high shelves that are sitting just a few feet apart, it's easier to elevate the seat, grab one item, and then drive forward to the next one. Visit a power wheelchair retail supplier to learn about this useful function.