Features To Get With C-Arm Monitors

Posted on: 14 October 2021

An important component of any C-arm X-ray machine is the monitor system. With it, you can view detailed X-rays and show patients their results in a more convenient way. If you want these monitors remaining great investments for your C-arms, opt for a couple of features.

Anti-Glare Screen

There will be different lights in your medical environment where your C-arm is positioned. That could create glares when trying to look at the monitor, causing issues for seeing clearly. You can counteract this problem with a monitor that includes anti-glare capabilities.

The materials that the screen is made up of can help neutralize glares so that you and your patients can see what's displayed on the monitor once your C-arm gets finished. You won't have to keep making adjustments with the monitor or lights in your medical facility, which lets you focus on other important activities.

Transport Lock

There might be times when you have to move the monitor system around after using a C-arm machine. You can support these movements without worrying about what will happen to the monitor when it includes a transport lock.

This mechanism will keep the screen in one position and secure wherever you decide to set it up, such as on a moving cart. You'll be able to move the monitor in a controlled way. The transport lock also helps keep this component still for when you find the perfect angle to view results captured by the C-arm machine. You and other medical professionals can look at the monitor without having to worry about it switching positions unexpectedly. 


In order to effectively use a C-arm machine, you need to be able to accurately read the results each time. There won't be any confusion or guesses when it comes to this important equipment. You won't have to question what you're seeing when you get a C-arm monitor with a high-contrast design.

Then medical images that the C-arm takes will stand out, showing important details of the body that you need to see for accurate and meaningful diagnoses. The high-contrast design will already be calibrated too, so you don't have to spend time messing around with a bunch of settings.

C-arms require quality monitors in order for physicians to properly see X-rays captured by this machinery. If you spend time looking for the best monitor you can find, you'll have more success using this X-ray technology. 

For more information on buying C-arms, such as buying OEC C-arms, contact a supplier in your area.