A Digital Bottle Cap Will Help You Keep Track Of Doses And Monitor Your Medication Supply

Posted on: 15 December 2018

Taking a prescription pain medication may be necessary if you have recently undergone surgery on your leg. The last thing you need to worry about is missing a dose, taking too much medication, or having someone tamper with your medication without your knowledge. If you secure a digital medication bottle cap to your pill bottle, you will be aware of when to take your next dose of medication and if anyone has opened your bottle without your consent.

A Built-In Timer Eliminates Worries

If you are feeling somewhat groggy since the surgery, it can be difficult to remember exactly when you took your last dose of pain pills. This can lead to taking another dose and risking your health or omitting a needed dose and suffering with throbbing pain.

Instead of trying to recall when a dose was administered, rely upon a timer that is built into your cap. This type of medicine cap uses digital technology. Caps are designed to fit standard medicine bottles and are locked into place simply by turning a cap clockwise while pressing down on the top of the cap. 

You Won't Need To Worry About Leaving Your Medication Out

If you have returned to work or are going to be spending time around others in a social setting, you may be worried about bringing your pain medication along with you. The majority of people probably wouldn't consider opening your medicine bottle, but what about the minority and the individuals who may be tempted to steal a couple pills from you?

It can be very awkward to confront someone because your medicine may or may not be missing. Eliminate confusion and provide yourself with peace of mind by relying upon the digital display that is part of your bottle cap's design.

A medication bottle cap that contains a numbering system will alert you to how much time has elapsed since the bottle was previously opened. If you are certain that you took your medication right before leaving home and the bottle cap reflects the amount of time that has passed, you will be aware that nobody has tampered with your medication.

If, however, the time that is displayed does not match up with the time that has actually passed, you can confidently confront anyone who has been near your workstation or the area where you have been seated and inquire if they opened your bottle of pills.