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You Should Have Listened To Your Mother: Tips For Dealing With Regrettable Tattoos

Many people currently have tattoos they regret, whether it is the name of a former partner, a misspelled quote, or symbolic of gang affiliation. Finding ways to make the tattoo less obvious, especially when it is in a conspicuous area, can be challenging but not impossible.

Utilize Makeup

Since any steps to remove a tattoo can be a lengthy process, you will need to figure out ways to conceal the tattoo in the meantime. Tattoos on the visible areas, such as on the face and neck, are generally the ones that need to be covered, especially if you are making the transition into the workforce. The best chance at covering up a tattoo with makeup will be at your local department store. Men, especially, might be apprehensive about going to the makeup counter, but it is the easiest way to find the right color, coverage, and setting products to not only conceal a tattoo, but find makeup that will last a full workday. Generally, foundation that is designed as body makeup will have better coverage and wear time. The use of concealer that is the opposite color of the tattoo might also help with color-correction and prevent the tattoo from peeking through foundation.

Disguise The Issue

When addressing tattoos that are not on a visible area, it is probably less expensive and easier to simply find a good tattoo artist who can create another design. Frequently, names and symbols can be merged in another work of art, and no one will notice. If you want to disguise your current tattoo, you will need to shop around with different tattoo artists to seek opinions and see samples of their work. When disguising a tattoo, you should expect the new tattoo will be more colorful or elaborate to sufficiently hide the old design. If you do not want a tattoo that is more complex or takes up more space on your body, your only other option will be to try removal.

Eliminate The Problem

Fortunately, tattoo removal is much better than in decades past. When tattoo removal lasers were new, they often resulted in significant scars and many ink colors could not be removed. Now, the Pico laser is frequently used to remove tattoos that are different sizes and colors. Additionally, there is also less concern about the effects of a laser on people with deeper skin tones. Older lasers were limited in use for people with deeper skin tones because the laser was more likely to cause burns and scars. Removing a tattoo can easily take several treatments to achieve the desired result. After each treatment and healing cycle, you should see consistent changes in the tattoo, with it becoming fainter until is undetectable. Sometimes, laser treatments are used as an intermediate step so it is possible to conceal the original tattoo with a new design.

Everyone makes mistakes, but you are no longer stuck with a regrettable tattoo. Fortunately, there are quick fixes and long-term solutions for even the most awkward of tattoos.

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You Should Have Listened To Your Mother: Tips For Dealing With Regrettable Tattoos

Many people currently have tattoos they regret, whether it is the name of a former partner, a misspelled quote, or …