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Considering A Digital X-Ray Machine For The Office? Reasons You Need To Get One

If you have a medical office or practice and you are interested in offering x-ray options on location so you can figure out what is going on with your patients faster, there are many great transportable options to look into. Set a budget and start looking at the different machines that will be the best for your workspace and patient load. There are many different mobile machines that you can take in and out of the rooms, and styles based on the type of x-rays you will be taking each day.

Improve Profits

When you are able to offer an x-ray screening option inside the office, you are able to bill the patients for this, and it's another opportunity for you to make money. Look at the cost of the machine and investigate what you can charge to do an in-office x-ray, to see how long it will take to pay off the machine and then start making on the in-office imaging.

Improve Patient Treatment 

You want to improve the treatment of your patients. You can do this when you have more tools to diagnose your patient's problems. With the x-ray machine, you can quickly determine if there is bone damage or other factors that are read on the x-ray that need immediate attention, or if the patient needs to get an MRI or another scan to get more information. This allows you to treat patients more accurately in the office.

Attract Patients

The easier it is to get the imaging testing done that is needed, and the less the patients have to drive around to multiple locations and wait in long lines, the better. There will be patients attracted to your office because you have the x-ray machine and because they can find out answers fast and in one spot.

You want to be able to serve all of your patients' needs when they enter the office, and this may mean that you need to see if there is a broken bone or some type of tissue problem. If your patients don't like having to come into the office, getting an order for an x-ray, and then going back out to get the x-ray before returning for another appointment for a diagnosis, get a machine for in the office. Talk with a company like VXS Imaging to find out what machine is the best for your office and your budget.

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