A Portable Ramp For Home Or Commercial Use

Posted on: 1 June 2021

Permanently altering your home's construction to support a ramp or hoping to be granted commercial wheelchair access are two scenarios that may be currently bothering you. This is especially true if you endure mobility issues. Many people who are permanently handicapped or temporarily injured rely upon portable wheelchair ramps for their mobility needs.

Economical And Versatile Tendencies

Choosing to have a permanent wheelchair ramp installed along the front or back entryway to your home can be disruptive to the land and expensive to install. Heavy grade materials are used for permanent ramps. Additionally, the cost of painting or finishing the surface of a product can increase the cost of a renovation.

For frequent usage, which includes entering and exiting your home, frequenting commercial buildings, and entering and exiting vehicles, investing in and using a portable ramp is a more affordable and more versatile option. 

Ramp Styles

Some portable ramps are styles that can be aligned next to a threshold or a stoop. Others include convertible models that can be expanded and used both indoors and outdoors and foldable models designed to be stored inside of a carrying case. Each wheelchair ramp that is marketed through a medical aid supplier will possess a weight limit, a base plating material, and a textured surface. There are a series of features that can aid someone in using a portable ramp. These include a locking mechanism that will prevent ramp panels from shifting, reflective tape, and safety rails. 


Assess your medical condition and daily routine. If you travel often and tend to frequent new places, bringing along a lightweight ramp model that can be carried when not in use will be practical. For usage at home, which includes traversing your property and accessing the entryways and landings in your home, choose an adjustable ramp.

There are some models that contain additional panels that can be extended outward. This type of ramping system will allow you to customize the amount of support that you receive while mobile. Many ramps allow an end-user to roll their power or manual wheelchair across the top surface of a ramp.

There are many products that are suitable for use with a cane or a walker. If you are going to be using several different mobility aids, check the width of each ramp model. This will guarantee that your equipment will sufficiently fit on the surface of the ramp that you select. For more information about wheelchair ramps, contact a supplier.