4 Accessories To Buy For Your New CPAP Machine

Posted on: 12 March 2021

Investing in a new CPAP machine can make living with sleep apnea much more comfortable as time goes on. Here are a few important accessories you should consider investing in for your new CPAP machine:

Some Reusable Filters

A CPAP filter is important because it filters and pressurizes air from the room you are sleeping in before delivering it to your system. Without a filter, you will be breathing in any contaminants the air is harboring. Many CPAP machines come with disposable filters that must be replaced regularly throughout the year.

The cost of replacing disposable filters can really add up as time goes on. Luckily, there are reusable filters on the market that you can use instead. While a reusable filter will not last you a lifetime, a set of them should get you through the year and save you some money and hassle over buying disposable filters.

Extra Nasal and Forehead Pillows

Wearing a CPAP mask can become uncomfortable and make it tough to sleep through the night. To make your gear more comfortable, you can attach nasal and forehead pillows to your mask. These are not real pillows like the ones you lay your head on at night, but more like pads that will provide your nose and forehead with the protection necessary to avoid blisters, dry nostrils, and other issues related to wearing a CPAP mask.

Different Lengths of Hoses

Your hose is what helps to deliver fresh air to your lungs while you sleep. If it gets cracked or brittle, it could compromise the quality of the air you are receiving. It can even fail to send you any air at all, which can cause serious problems while you are sleeping. Keeping a few extra hoses of different lengths around will help ensure that you are never left without a hose if the one you are using breaks and will provide some flexibility when it comes to your sleeping arrangements whether at home or while traveling.

An Identification Luggage Tag

If you do any traveling, it is a good idea to invest in an identification luggage tag that alerts anyone who finds or handles your CPAP bag about what is inside. This will help ensure that the bag is handled with care and will hopefully encourage anyone who might find it to return it to a ticket counter or lost and found immediately so you can avoid having to sleep without it during your trip.